JAKCOM R4 Smart Ring

Instruction for Use


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Product introduction

JAKCOM R4 is a multifunctional RFID finger ring,

The built-in IC and ID modules can take the place of Access card, Parking card, Membership card, Shopping card and other RFID cards;

The built-in NFC module can realize Virtual call, Scene notification, Business card sharing, Memo sharing and other featured cloud services.



Packing list



Specification parameters

Carrier frequency: 13.56MHz, 125kHz

RF distance: 1 ~ 3cm

IC module type: CUID

ID module type: T5577

NFC module type: Ntag213

Ring material: Ceramics

Protection grade: IP68

Operating temperature range: -50℃-80℃



Wearing schematic diagram

Triangular engraved surface is outward.



Structure and sensing range



Module description

IC card module:

It is equivalent to a repeatable read-write IC card and supports the stimulation of M1 (Mifare1) IC cards of 13.56MHz.


ID card module:

It is equivalent to a repeatable read-write ID card and supports the stimulation of ID cards of 125kHz, like EM series card.


NFC module:

It can interact with all Android mobile phones that support the NFC function, as well as iPhones launched after September 2018, thereby realizing a number of featured NFC cloud services.



IC/ID card module using steps

1. Authorize or copy:

The read-write process is the same as ordinary cards.

Within the sensing range of the IC/ID module, it can be authorized or copied by the corresponding dedicated read-write device, It is recommended to use JAKCOM RFID Replicator for copying.


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2. Examples of use:

The use process is the same as ordinary cards, and the IC/ID module should be close to the sensing range of the corresponding reading device;



NFC function setting

1. Open the Facebook APP;

2. Search "JAKCOM.com" and follow this Page;

3. Enter the JAKCOM.com Page;

4. Click the "Sign Up" button;




5. Click the "Add Device" button;

6. Input the activation code of back of the box;   


7. Click your device name in the list to enter function setting;

Different function services can be respectively set for these two NFC modules;

After a new function is set for corresponding module, the old functions will be automatically closed.


NFC function description

Social Sharing:  Quickly share your social account information to other phones; 

Personal Functions:  Quickly start each personal functions by Ring’s NFC module; 

Wireless Disk:  Quickly share your files to other phones.


NFC function using steps

1.   Before use, please enable the NFC function of the phone. If the phone is not equipped with the NFC function, it cannot be used;


2.   Use the well set NFC module to touch the NFC sensing area of the phone, according to the sensing position shown above

a) The NFC sensing area is different for different brands of mobile phone. Please refer to the original instructions manual of the phone;

b) Generally, the NFC function of the phone can only be enabled after the screen is unlocked;

c) Some phone shells may affect NFC signal. If the phone cannot sense it, please remove the phone shell and try again.



3.   After successful sensing, if it is prompted to select the app to open, please select the "web browser".



Q: If the NFC module is triggered, and the page opened is not a web page;

A: Please turn off the NFC function of other APPs, and select web browser to be the default application of NFC tag.


Q: IC/ID module induction is not sensitive;

A: You can try to wear the corresponding IC/ID module outwards, and bend the second knuckle to make it parallel to the card reader, so as to minimize the distance between them.



1. Do not use any NFC software to edit NFC module of ring. Unauthorized editing of the NFC module data will lose all functions of R4 smart ring and the warranty service;

2. In case of non-artificial fault in normal use, one-year free warranty service for the host is provided;

3. This product is made of ceramics and has good scratch-resistance, but it cannot bear violent collision or drop. Please be careful in use;


Contact details

a) Website: http://www.JAKCOM.com

b) Email: service@JAKCOM.com

c) Service Phone: +86 400 806 7311, +86 0351-4383818

d) Service time: 9 am 9 pm GMT+8

e) Online Service: https://www.facebook.com/JakcomLtd

f) Online Store: https://shop.JAKCOM.com


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NFC Personal Function List

NFC Share Function List